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Local search engine optimization

Опубликовано: 29.05.2017

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Google Maps Local SEO Training Video (2017 & Beyond) - Google My Business Optimization Tips

Note that I specifically used the words “Web presence” versus “Website” to distinguish one of the unique aspects of LSEO strategy versus traditional search engine optimization services – namely that LSEO is driven primarily by Google’s emphasize on blended search engine results, which incorporates a number of non-website characteristics, including user reviews and business information in to Гугл search results. Indeed, you don’t even need to own a website to get ranked on Гугл – all you need is an optimized Гугл My Business Page. Learn more about Гугл+ Business Page Sign Up and Optimization.

The process of LSEO (also referred to as Small Business SEO) and traditional SEO is different in several regards, which is covered in detail throughout this book. For instance, the emphasis on “backlinks” or getting other websites to link to you takes a back seat (though still incredibly important and valuable) to making sure that your Web presence includes consistent local information across the Web, such as uniformity of business name, contact details (phone number, address), and category associations. One of the easiest ways (although it tends to be more difficult in practice since information changes over time) is to make certain that any and all local directory listings (i.e. Гугл My Business, Local.com, Яху Local, ReferLocal Business Pages, etc. ) include the same local information that you provide on your actual website. If the information is not uniform you are off to a bad start with optimizing your local Web presence, but this book will provide you with specific advice and tips so that you aren’t left in the dust, but instead you are positioned for optimal success.

LSEO is committed to helping your business succeed by dominating local search results on Гугл and Bing. In fact, we are so dedicated that we wrote the book on audi-ais.kh.ua and we have repurposed it here for you at no cost.

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